Medals and Awards
The Textile Institute UK, under the authority of the TI Council, confers a number of Medals and Awards upon individuals and Companies in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the textile industries and/or the work of The Textile Institute itself.
The awards cover the scope of both industry and academia fulfilling the Institutes aims and purpose as per Charter.

Sri Lanka section members who have received Textile Institute Awards

The Textile Institute Service Medal
First awarded in 1940. Granted for valuable service to The Textile Institute.
E B Dissanaike, 1980
M A Mack, 1995

Holden Medal for Education

The Holden Medal for Education is awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution to technology based education at all levels. Originally inaugurated in 1992 by the Clothing and Footwear Institute (CFI) International.
Prof. L D Fernando, 1989

Section Service Award

The Textile Institute Section Service Award recognises distinguished and active service by a member over many years to a particular Section or National Committee. This award is made to an Institute member only. It is not intended that purely nominal service on a Committee or as an Honorary Officer of a Section should be recognised by the award, nor would mere length of service in any capacity be an automatic criterion for making an award.
Prof. R U Kuruppu, 2010

The Institute Medal
The oldest award of the Institute, inaugurated in 1921. An award which recognises distinguished service to the industry in general and to the Institute.
Prof. R U Kuruppu, 2011