The Textile Institute

   Sri Lanka Section


The Textile Institute Sri Lanka Section has its head quarters in Manchester, UK, which was incorporated in England by a Royal Charter in 1925 and is a registered charity. It is the only chartered professional Institute for textiles, clothing and footwear. It has individual and corporate members in 80 countries. The Textile Institute covers all the textile industries which include: fibre, yarn and fabric manufacturing; dyeing and finishing; production of knitwear and making-up of clothing; footwear production; manufacture of carpets, soft furnishings and other household textiles; manufacture of textile products used in engineering, agriculture, medicine and other fields; and the distribution and retailing of textile products to personal and commercial markets.

The Textile Institute – Sri Lanka Section was inaugurated in the year of 1972, to facilitate learning, to recognize achievement, to reward excellence and to disseminate information in the fields of textiles, clothing and footwear in Sri Lanka.


  • 1. To publicize, encourage and to obtain the scientific knowledge to the benefit and advancement of all sectors of the Textile Industry through lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • 2. Constitute an authority for determination and recognition of technical and trade standards, and assist the line ministry in matters relating to textiles and allied fields.
  • 3. Attracting of young men and women to join the institute and develop a career in textiles and educating of public in matters concerning the profession of textile technology.